MILL6 Artist-in-Residence

Photo Credit: MILL6

Photo Credit: MILL6

About The Program

MILL6’s Artist-in-Residence programme invites international artists to engage with the local environment for 2 to 3 months, serving as an artistic laboratory and platform for exchange between the textile industries, the art world and the wider public. Encouraging multidisciplinary interaction and transformative dialogues, the initiative promotes Hong Kong and her spirit on the global stage. The inaugural resident is German artist Mariana Hahn, whose research focuses on the medium of silk, a delicate material with a substantial heritage from ancient China. With access to Hong Kong’s art and textile communities, resources and experts facilitated by MILL6, Hahn examines the material transformation and the manifold meanings of silk across time and civilisations.


  • Round-trip air tickets, accommodation and studio space, production and catalogue costs, and a monthly allowance
  • Throughout the residency, the artist will have access to local art and textile communities, resources and experts
  • Promotion of artist and project work-in-progress through MILL6’s social media and website

First Artist-in-Residence artist


About Mariana Hahn

  • b.1985, works and lives in Berlin
  • Born in Schwäbisch-Hall, Germany
  • Studied Theater Studies at ETI, Berlin in 2005 and graduated with a Fine Art Degree at Central St. Martins, London in 2012
  • Researches on silk, a delicate material from ancient China, as a creative medium. She explores how the role and definition of silk transform in different civilisations over time.

Selected Recent Exhibitions


'Loop', Barcelona
'The ff' at Haus am Lützowplatz, Berlin
'Works on Paper', Momentum, Berlin


'Kolibri', Berlin
'Discipline', Berlin,
'Torso no Torso', Moscow Biennale for Young Art, Russia
'24h Stettin', Club Storrady, Stettin, Poland
'Burn My Love Burn' at Trafo Station, Museum of Contemporary Art, Stettin


'Burn My Love Burn' at Hayaka Arti, Istanbul
'Poem 1', her name at WW Gallery, London
'Poem 1', her name at Kuehlhaus Berlin for Art Week, Berlin
'the bride that was the widow, Berlin Festival, Berlin

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