MILL6 Fall Program
'TECHSTYLE Series1.0: Ariadne's Thread'
「新經緯系列1.0:亞莉雅德妮的線球 」 

MILL6 Foundation is pleased to announce a new project: the ‘TECHSTYLE’ Series. A multi-layered program consisting of exhibitions, discussion forums, broadcasts and archiving activities, the series aims to exchange knowledge, ideas and techniques regarding various issues surrounding textiles today.

As part of MILL6 Foundation’s mission to tell the story of the Hong Kong textile industry, our inaugural Fall Program, ‘TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread’, will spotlight the subject of women and technology. Historically, women have been significant producers as well as consumers within the textile industry. In textile production, the subjects of women and technology have long been intersecting in important ways. During the industrial revolution, the development of technology such as looms and sewing machines had a big impact on the life of women, helping them gain new skills and opening up paths to financial independence. Today, many female textile creators are concerned with reducing waste and saving energy in textile production, leading to the development of new experimental practices. 

Women’s engagement in technology, however, has yet to fully gain the attention it deserves. ‘TECHSTYLE Series 1.0: Ariadne’s Thread’ comprises a video art exhibition and a discussion forum in order to delve into this subject. Introducing and exploring the theme, the video art exhibition showcases women’s interest in technology from various angles. The discussion forum will, in turn, focus on women’s commitment to technology in textiles and art.  

The title, ‘Ariadne's Thread’, is taken from ancient Greek mythology.  Ariadne, the King of Crete’s daughter, helped the hero Theseus escape from the Minotaur’s labyrinth by furtively giving him a ball of thread tied to the entrance. The term, therefore, stands for the creative process of solving problems through multiple routes.

Contemporary society is a labyrinth with a myriad of problems to be solved. ‘TECHSTYLE’ aims to incorporate multiple voices about contemporary social inquiries relating to textiles. Leading international artists, academics, designers and critics across generations are invited to share their knowledge in science, technology, history, sociology and art to shape the future of textiles with us. 

六廠基金會呈獻「新經緯系列」一 一個專注於紡織文化議題的多媒介平台,致力透過一系列專題活動,包括藝術展、研討會、廣播及資料庫,推動知識、意念和技術的交流和分享。





1.1 Video Art Exhibition

2016.11.18 Friday 星期五
Opening Reception 開幕酒會 6:30 - 8:30pm
Opening Remarks 開幕致辭 7pm
Angelika Li, Director, MILL6 Foundation 六廠基金會總監李安琪
Sharing 分享 7:10 - 7:30pm
Cao Fei 曹斐 & Vvzela Kook 曲倩雯
Performance 表演 'BLUSTER' 7:30pm
Tina Havelock Stevens a.k.a White Drummer 天娜.哈維洛克.史蒂芬斯(別號:白鼓手)

Exhibition 展覽
2016.11.19 – 12.06
Tuesday to Sunday 星期二至星期日 11:30am-7:30pm
Closed on Monday 星期一休息

Artist 藝術家
Dara Birnbaum 達拉.畢恩包
Cao Fei 曹斐
Tina Havelock Stevens 天娜.哈維洛克.史蒂芬斯
Vvzela Kook 曲倩雯
Rachel Maclean 麗素.麥蓮
Natacha Nisic 娜塔莎.尼希克
Sputniko! 人工衛星子!
Magdalen Wong 黃頌恩
Ji Hye Yeom 廉智惠

Venue 場地
Exhibition Hall, 6/F, Sheung Wan Civic Centre, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

1.2 Discussion Forum

2016.12.03 Saturday 星期六
Reception 登記 10:30am
Discussion 研討會11am - 6pm

Panelists 講者
Francesca Bray 白馥蘭
Edith Cheung 張西美
Ingrid Chu 朱珮瑿
Janis Jefferies 珍妮絲.謝菲斯
Kinor Jiang 姜綬祥
Edwin Keh 葛儀文
Wessie Ling 凌穎詩
Liu Xiao 劉瀟
Anne Marr 安妮.馬爾
Pamela Parmal 彭美拉.帕爾馬
Sputniko! 人工衛星子!
Mizuki Takahashi 高橋 瑞木
Reiko Sudo 須藤 玲子

Venue 場地
Asia Society Hong Kong Center, 9 Justice Drive, Admiralty, Hong Kong

The public forum will be conducted in English. English-Cantonese simultaneous interpretation will be available. 

Seats are limited. Register before 25 November.

Free admission

Co-presenter 協辦機構


Catering Sponsor 餐飲贊助


Enquiries 查詢
+852 3979 2301 (9am-6pm)


Dara Birnbaum (USA)
達拉.畢恩包 (美國)

Cao Fei (China)
Photo credit: Zhang Chi

Tina Havelock Stevens (Australia)
天娜.哈維洛克.史蒂芬斯 (澳洲)


Vvzela Kook (Hong Kong)
曲倩雯 (香港)
Photo credit: Eugene Cheung

Natacha Nisic (France)
Photo credit: Tim Trompeter

Rachel Maclean (UK)
麗素.麥蓮 (英國)
Photo credit: Craig Gibson


Sputniko! (Japan)
Photo credit: Yoko Shinozuka

Magdalen Wong (USA)
黃頌恩 (美國)

Ji Hye Yeom (Korea)


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