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「六廠夏日共學—過嚟織嘢」夏季藝術節 2017 | 'MILL6 GET SET - Hey! Let’s WEAVE!' Summer Festival 2017

六廠夏季藝術節來了! 一個在荃灣舉辦的紡織、藝術和文化活動。我們邀請大家齊來親手編織作品,並探索香港紡織業的文化!所有活動免費對公眾開放,歡迎一家大細,手作及紡織愛好者參與!

* 所有活動均以廣東話進行。

地點 : 香港荃灣海壩街55號福來邨 (Google 地圖)
查詢: | +852 3979 2301

JOIN US at MILL6’s Summer Festival! A series of hands on textile, arts and heritage events located in Tsuen Wan, once the hub of our city industrial textile development. Come and create your own weaving inspired works and explore the making culture in Hong Kong’s textile industries!

Open to the public and free of charge, we welcome all families and kids, crafters, makers, textile enthusiasts and festival goers for a day of exploration in Fuk Loi Estate. JOIN US ON 19 AUG!

*All events are conducted in Cantonese.
**RSVP essential to Cultural Tours before 10 Aug. Successful applicants will receive a confirmation email.

Location: Fuk Loi Estate, 55 Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong (Google Maps)
Enquiries: | +852 3979 2301



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