8.19 | 1PM-6PM
香港荃灣海壩街55號福來邨 (福來邨露天劇場)
Fuk Loi Estate, 55 Hoi Pa Street, Tsuen Wan, Hong Kong (Fuk Loi Estate Amphitheatre)

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  1. 自己拖鞋自己造 | 1PM-3PM
  2. 衣車原理介紹返 | 3PM-4PM
  3. 絲印工作坊 | 4PM-6PM
  4. 梭織入門工作坊 | 1PM-6PM



May 姐
座右銘︰「春秋環保物,東西集大成。」,May 姐積極參與社區活動,亦是環保手作達人,多年研究利用廢棄物料創造不同的作品,遊走不同地方,分享故事和創作。在她眼中,舊物如同老區,充滿生命力,只要稍加創意,便充滿無限的可能。


從事視覺創作,身兼設計師、創作人和故事人。他擅長用畫筆記錄城市的小故事,創立「Nice to meet you」項目,觀察城市的轉變,用原子筆為陌生人掃描。他為「六廠夏日共學 — 過嚟織嘢」視覺工作坊的導師,與年青一起創作荃灣的作品。

以推廣本土梭織文化為核心的香港品牌,由2016年開始致力開發靈活易用 的梭織工具,並開辦多元化的創意梭織工作坊。破。格追溯手紡悠久的歷史,以保留傳統手紡智慧,同時探索梭織的可能性,融入現代化的設計。過往,他們曾跟不同機構合作,舉辦外展工作坊,推廣不同的梭織方法。來年,除教學外,他們將開展全新一頁,推出一系列梭織成品系列。

1.      Home Slippers DIY | 1PM-3PM

Once a crystal stall proprietor in Lee Tung Street, Aunt May is now an advocate of environmentally-friendly crafts. She wishes to create interesting works using discarded materials, spreading the concept of sustainable living.

2.      Explore a Sewing Machine | 3PM-4PM

Have been working in the textile industry for nearly half a century, Master Wong knows sewing machines inside-out. He will demonstrate the functioning of the machines. Come and learn more!

3.      Silk-screen Workshop | 4PM-6PM

Participants can try hands-on silkscreen printing using illustrations created by local designer Geeio Yuen and teenagers from Po Leung Kuk Children & Youth Services Tsuen Wan Centre.

4.      Looms Workshop | 1PM-6PM

Ever wanted to make your own woven accessories using looms? Breakthrough Art is here to help!


About our collaborators

Aunt May
With her motto ‘Materials found in four seasons can turn to anything’, Aunt May is a social activist specializing in eco-friendly handicraft. In her eyes, object from the past bear resemblance to old place like old town, full of vibrancy and possibilities. She loves to share her stories and creations across different districts.

Fay Wong
Fay Wong, or Master Wong, has been in mechanical engineering for spinning and sewing machines for over 30 years. He pioneered in importing automated machines from countries including Japan, USA, Germany, UK, and greatly improved the quality and efficiency of manufacturing in Hong Kong. He is currently the consultant of MILL6 Studio for mechanical maintenance.

Geeio Yuen
A designer, creator and storyteller, Yuen records tales of the city by drawing portraits for people he meets on the streets through his project ‘Nice to meet you’. He is also an instructor of MILL6’s visual art workshops for this program, creating works about Tsuen Wan with young people.

Breakthrough Art Studio
A local brand that was built to promote weaving culture in Hong Kong. Started from 2016, they put efforts in building different kinds of loom for Hong Kong people, and organized varies of creative weaving workshops. They studied brilliant history of textile and weaving, and use their way to translate the wisdom of traditional weaving methods in a modern vision. In the past, they worked together with different organizations to promote different weaving methods. In the coming year, they will start a new chapter, to design collections of woven products. Stay tuned!

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